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How can I submit my results for a proficiency test?


If you received a sample and have completed the analysis, you can submit your results following the nexts steps:

1. Access your client area using your credentials (email and password)

2. Click on the proficiency test code for which you want to submit results.

3. Click on the matrix for which you wish to enter results.

4. Choose for each analyte between YES (detected and quantified), NO (Not detected nor quantified) or

5. For each analyte selected YES will be asked to submit your method data (you can save the written to use the same option in various compounds). 

6. You can write any comment you want to appear in the final report in the "Notes".

7. After filling in all your reults you will be given the option of review your results and accept them or modify them.

8. If you wish to check if the website saved your submited results correctly, go to your client area and log in into your client area, choose the PT that applies and click on the matrix name, if you see your results then it has been correctly saved


How can I change my results?


You may notify us by email any change you want to make to your results or methods. Changes can only be accepted if notified until the deadline to submit results. 


In which units do I have to send my results?


Most of TestQual's proficiency tests requires the results to be filled in as µg/kg, however it must be checked in the proficiency test's protocol.